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Family Counseling - LGBTQ Family Counseling

Kids and Divorce


The reality is different for everyone but sometimes, divorces can be painful and traumatic, especially for the children.  Confusion, guilt, sadness, uncertainty, and feelings of being caught in the middle can make the changes divorce brings particularly challenging for kids.  I can provide family counseling to help your child (ren) adjust to their new lifestyle.

Family counseling


If one component of a family system changes, the entire unit is altered...positively or even negatively.  Differing parenting styles, behavioral issues, sexually active teens, drinking and drugs, disciplining challenges and all other "things parenting" can be made more manageable with family counseling!

LGBT kids and families


Lack of acceptance, poor communication, identity misunderstanding, fear of rejection, and other struggles can transpire for LGBTQ parents as well as LGBTQ children/teens.  I can provide LGBTQ family counseling including support, guidance, coping strategies, and a sensitive and caring environment to nurture this demographic as well as their families.

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